The Original Beef Bark®

Our beef jerky is made only from the finest hand trimmed round roast. These beautiful cuts have just the right amount of marbling to deliver incredible flavor with every bite. Our painstakingly slow process is performed by hand, every step of the way, because faster does not equal better.

We marinate our hand sliced beef in brine for days (seven days average) so the flavors soak all the way through. Every piece is individually inspected to ensure your satisfaction. Plus … we don’t mind at all, because we know that the end result is a product of surpassing quality that our machine produced competitors will never duplicate.

Beef Jerky Flavors:


  1. Original Our first and best selling variety, bold enough to please most everyone and mild enough to keep you from running for the water hole. This one covers all your bases – it’s your “can’t go wrong” choice.
  2. Teriyaki A mildly sweet traditional style flavor, featuring Kikkoman® Teriyaki along with our original seasonings. This is our second most popular variety – a real crowd pleaser.
  3. Maple & Brown Sugar Featuring genuine maple syrup and a sprinkling of brown sugar, this salty-sweet combination is almost like eating candy. If you’re a kettle corn fan you’ll want to give this one a try.
  4. Red Wine & Honey Teriyaki A slightly sweeter version of our traditional teriyaki, Red Wine & Honey Teriyaki features a fruity cabernet and just a splash of honey. A subtle flavor that never overpowers – the perfect choice for the red wine lovers out there.
  5. Dijon Just a hint of classic tangy mustard in the background accents the savory blend of original seasonings. If you like Dijon, give this one a try.
  6. Chipotle Our version of this smoky, ripe jalapeno spice blend. It’s like a good bowl of chili without the bowl. Not too much heat, but intensely flavorful.


  1. Black Pepper Loaded with cracked black pepper, this flavor has just the right amount of “bite” to it. The only thing missing is the “burn” you get from the red peppers. This one is truly hard to stop eating. Plus it’s MSG free!
  2. Sweet Heat Freshly pureed jalapenos and brown sugar provide a perfect contrast with just the right amount of heat at the finish. This one does a little dance with your taste buds.
  3. Hot This begins with our original jerky flavor but has twice the pepper. Still savory, the extra cayenne pepper adds a little more heat without the flames.


  1. Smokin’ Hot This flavor is our hot jerky with the kick of added habanero. We took this one up a notch, but it’s not a “grab your throat” kind of hot. You might want a cold beer with this one.
  2. Wicked Hot This one starts out with our Smokin’ Hot Jerky flavor with twice the habanero. Another notch up, this one’s definitely not for the timid. You will want an ice cold beer with this one.
  3. Ghostly Hot This one is the top of the heap, end of the line, call the fire department, “oh my goodness that’s hot!” It’s made with a special smoked habanero and laced with “Volcano Dust” ghost pepper. The “Chili Heads” out there say we hit this one out of the park.


Our chicken jerky is made from boneless skinless breast. Hand trimmed and sliced slightly thicker than our beef, this naturally very lean meat is marinated for a minimum of 4 days. The tender texture of the meat makes a great platform for our seasoning blends.

A slightly longer drying process is required and we finish at a higher temperature to eliminate any possible salmonella issues. The end result is an almost “melt in your mouth” texture, perfect for our dentally challenged or non-red meat eating customers.

Chicken Jerky Flavors:


  1. Honey BBQ This is our sweetest jerky. The honey works well with the tangy BBQ. A smokey flavor with just a little heat makes this a fun one. Plus it’s MSG free*!
  2. Teriyaki We use the same seasonings as our beef variety, but the natural sweetness of the chicken really comes through. Teriyaki flavor is a true classic that will leave you wanting more.
  3. Red Wine & Honey Teriyaki Again, using the same seasonings as our beef variety, the red wine really stands out in this one. It’s slightly sweeter than the traditional thanks to a splash of honey. The subtle flavor entertains from the first bite to the last.
  4. Tequila-Lime A delicate balance between sweet and citrus, enough of each but not too much of either. This margarita inspired flavor is hard to stop eating.


    1. Buffalo Hot Wing Mildly spiced but not too hot, this one really tastes like a wing. The tangy flavor stands alone well or works great for dipping in your favorite sauce.
    2. Sweet Chili Pepper If you have a sweet tooth, look out! This combination of sweet, tangy, salty, spicy, all at the same time is downright addicting! Keep an eye on your bag, it disappears like candy.


Little Sweetums” Doggie Jerky Treats

“Little Sweetums” are made from 100% pure beef with no seasonings or preservatives. Once your dog gets a hold of one of these you might as well throw away the milk bones. A dog’s attraction to these is primal. If you have any obedience issues, this will give you some leverage. Truly guilt free snacking for your little sweetums.
* Click to learn more about food additives.