Food Additives

A Few Words About Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite, as a food additive or “cure” is used primarily to target botulism in meats. This bacterium typically requires a high level of moisture to develop. Since our drying process substantially eliminates the majority of excess moisture, the threat is dramatically reduced.

The concentrations of ordinary salt in our product retard the formation of bacterial growth extraordinarily well, indeed as demonstrated by having been sufficient alone to preserve foods since biblical times.

In so far as the toxicity of sodium nitrite requires that it be used in very limited quantities, and its linkage to carcinogenic nitrosamines in cured meats, we feel that the risks associated with it greatly outweigh any added benefits. Therefore we do not, never have AND never will add sodium nitrite to any of our products.

Regarding MSG

MSG is included in most of our seasoning blends, not added by us, but none the less present in small concentrations. We do, however, offer 2 MSG-free flavors: Black Pepper Beef and Honey BBQ Chicken.

About Gluten

We have just recently become able to offer a “gluten free*” option to most of our standard flavors available on a custom basis and we are exploring methods to reduce the cost of this option. Particulars are available upon request.

*Gluten Free is limited to product produced in a plant that contains gluten products.